2016 Tiadaghton Elm

52nd Annual Tiadaghton Elm Canoe and Kayak Classic Weekend - June 18 & 19, 2016

(Includes Keystone Challenge Events)

Results - Day 1, June 18, 2016

Results - Day 2 Keystone Challenge, June 19, 2016

2014 USCA Nationals Results

Tuesday Adult Sprints

# Category
H01 C1 Woman
H02 C1 Woman Master
H03 C1 Woman Senior
H04 C1 Woman Veteran** (No Entries)
H05 K1 Man
H06 K1 Man Master
H07 K1 Man Senior
H08 K1 Man Veteran**
H09 C2 Man/Youth (5-7) 
H10 C2 Woman/Youth (5-7)
H11 PK1Paddler w/a Physical Disability Woman (No Entries)
H12 PV1 Paddler w/a Physical Disability Woman (No Entries)
H13 C2 Man/Youth (8-10)
H14 C2 Woman/Youth (8-10) (No Entries)
H15 C1 Man
H16 C1 Man Master
H17 C1 Man Senior
H18 C1 Man Veteran**
H19 C2 Woman/Youth (11-12)
H20 C2 Man/Youth (11-12)
H21 SUP Unlimited Woman
H22 C2 Mixed (No Entries)
H23 C2 Mixed Master*
H24 K1 Woman
H25 K1 Woman Master
H26 K1 Woman Senior
H27 K1 Woman Veteran** (No Entries)
H28 C2 Men (No Entries)
H29 C2 Men Master
H30 C2 Men Senior
H31 C2 Men Veteran**
H32 C2 Women (No Entries)
H33 C2 Women Master (No Entries)
H34 C2 Women Senior
H35 C2 Women Veteran**
H36 PK1Paddler w/a Physical Disability Man
H37 PV1 Paddler w/a Physical Disability Man
H38 C2 Man/Youth (13-14)
H39 C2 Woman/Youth (13-14)
H40 SUP Unlimited Man
H41 C2 Man/Junior (15-17)
H42 C2 Woman/Junior (15-17) (No Entries)

Wednesday Orienteering

Wednesday Biathlon

Thursday Youth Sprints

Friday Long Marathon

Friday Short Marathon

C2 Man Junior (9-17)

C2 Woman (18+)/Junior (9-17)

C2 Man (18+)/Youth (5-14)

Saturday Long Marathon

Saturday Short Marathon

C1 Man Junior (9-17)

C2 Woman (18+)/Youth (5-14)

K1 Woman Junior (9-17)

Saturday Trial Events - C4 and OC1

Sunday Long and Short Marathon